A decades-long goal has been to find repeatable, predictable processes that improve productivity and quality. Some try to systematize or formalize the seemingly unruly task of designing software.


Communication & Analysis
7i Systems makes the initiation of a software development project fairly simple. You have to take the first step by contacting us through any of the available mediums of communication and tell us your needs and requirements. 7i Systems places great importance and emphasis on free and open, two way communication, as a detailed understanding of the client's requirements is the key to the successful implementation of IT services. 7i Systems Informations is open to request for a proposal detailing all your IT services needs, where you can explain in detail all your expectations, perceptions and dreams about the project. You can even bring up all the doubts and questions about the project at hand as it will enable the think tank in 7i Systems to analyze your requirements clearly and come up with fitting software development solutions. 7i Systems has the following mediums available for communication purposes:


  •   Phone calls.
  •   Net meetings.
  •   Emails.
  •   Instant Messengers.
  •   Face-to-face Communication.


Once you have specified us with all the detailed requirements and inputs on the project, the 7i Systems development team would go through a brainstorming session to minutely analyze the project at hand. Then we would get back to you with a thorough analysis accompanied with the recommended solutions that include the project schedule, personnel assignments, cost, and a deadline, in a very short period of time.
7i Systems takes extreme care to maintain confidentiality of information. We are open to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) before you give us any project related information to protect your intellectual property.


Software Development & Design
The software design process is a vital part of the whole software development process as it is the crucial stage where the creative inventions are summarized and synthesized to form a plan. 7i Systems plans out and executes the most effective design strategy out of the numerous software solutions and methodologies after taking into account the specifications of the client's business needs which are documented in form of requirement documents and scope of work (SOW) document.


The software development team in 7i Systems has established and well defined design practices to fall back to when it comes to drawing up the right software design. The experience helps in weighing the pros and cons of the various solutions available, as we have already tried different software design alternatives regularly to chalk out the most advantageous strategy.


Once the taking of the specification of the software development project is complete, 7i Systems immediately starts working on converting it into a design. 7i Systems constantly strives on designing software that can meet all the business needs of the client. The software design process at 7i Systems is all about the efforts to make the software:


  •   Complete.
  •   Economical.
  •   Constructive.
  •   Uniform.
  •   Testable.


7i Systems incorporates the latest scripting languages and utilizes a plethora of platforms to design high quality software. We build software designs that describe systems that meet the requirements of the clients.


Quality Assurance
7i Systems Informations firmly believes that Quality Analysis is an ongoing process that has no ends. Quality Assurance at 7i Systems is a part and parcel of any software development life cycle because we try to ensure that the client gets a high quality and reliable software solutions without failing to fulfill any of the standard protocols that have been chalked out earlier.


Superior quality IT Services in 7i Systems are made possible by its well maintained quality analysis process. These days, shorter cycles and frequent releases of software services coupled with the ever increasing customer expectations keep many of the software development vendors under great pressure. 7i Systems operates a well-equipped state-of-the-art testing laboratory supported by a qualified testing staff to help maintain quality right from the incubation stage of the software development project.


The 7i Systems QA team constantly keeps track of services the latest techniques, software coding standards, best coding practice, documentation standards and quality assurance to give you quality software for your business requirements without failing to meet deadlines. We use the following QA testing services to guarantee high quality product delivery to our clients:


  •   Software testing.
  •   Installation testing.
  •   Functional testing.
  •   User interface testing.
  •   Performance testing.
  •   Test results reporting.


Implementation Process
7i Systems follows the tried and tested implementation methodology, as only a structured and methodical implementation process would give you a result oriented software development solution. The software implementation process at 7i Systems is carefully designed to enable the clients to adopt the best defined and consistent software practices.
Generally, the software implementation process would cater to:


  •   Applying a design element.
  •   Data purification and Migration from old systems.
  •   Refinement of the system structure or design.
  •   Merging the system.
  •   Reviewing the technology and software application artifacts.
  •   Testing.


The implementation process at 7i Systems can deliver the desired software solutions that satisfy all your business requirements. The team at 7i Systems comprises of specialists with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in preparing a clear cut roadmap for software development implementation process.
The implementation process at 7i Systems provides:


  •   A consistent, demonstrated, repeatable and established process.
  •   Maximum confidence and minimum risks during implementation.
  •   Least interference and intrusion to the regular business activity.
  •   A recurrent and frequent review process on the lines of the project goal.


Maintenance Process
Recent trends in the global IT scenario show that companies have to shell out a huge part of their budget on the IT Services and a big share of human resources in the form of skilled workers to the day to day maintenance of the existing systems in order to keep pace with the ever changing application maintenance requirements. 7i Systems can help you cut costs at such crucial situations.


7i Systems offers you the most efficient ongoing application maintenance and IT solutions at very reasonable costs. The software support and application maintenance team at 7i Systems can successfully integrate our solutions to your system with the aid of cutting edge technology.


7i Systems believes in easier vendor upgrades that can help clients to meet the maintenance and servicing challenges at an unbelievably reduced cost. 7i Systems combines perfect business understanding, well-run technical expertise and profound process knowledge and experience to follow a three step approach in handling IT services maintenance.


Remedial Maintenance: 7i Systems provides corrective and remedial maintenance to vendor fixes round the clock with a very functional helpdesk that reports. Preventive/ Perfective Maintenance: 7i Systems can cut down the cost of using a corrective software maintenance process in the near future. We can help you pick out any existing defects and faults in the system that may be a cause of worry and concern later on.


Adaptive Maintenance: 7i Systems helps business vendors to move with the times. We have the requisite skills to add enhancements and other functional extensions that can expose you to a wider market. Maintenance process is an important step under IT services.