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7i Systems answers all your applications management needs and requirements. Today, when software industry is flooded with innovative architectures and applications, 7i Systems offers you the latest and powerful application development solutions. With an overwhelming growth in application infrastructure and outsourcing, 7i Systems focuses on offshore development processes to provide you secure reliable and zero-error e-solutions.
  •   Rapid execution.
  •   Reliability.
  •   Security.
  •   Zero-error e-solutions.


Armed with a vast experience, 7i Systems has helped multiple companies to achieve their objective to cut down their costs while retaining or improving the quality of their software. At 7i Systems, experts not only focus on building and developing applications using cost and time efficient software components, but also enhance customer relations and increase revenue opportunities. Enriching the quality and reliability, 7i Systems provides a diverse range of custom development, maintenance and data migration services to the clients.


Our products for Application Development

iBusiness Application Suite

iBusiness Application Suite was stared in late Dec 2008. Since then the lifecycle of framework has been strengthen with various feature set and dynamic business requirements.

Currently iBAS is highly matured platform for SME solutions. iBAS has been used in 4 major domain healthcare, education, realty, manufacturing with highly appreciable and robust performance. With our technical team of IITian and IT engineers we are continuously enhancing the platform with new features highly scalable for any business requirements.

Technical Specification
  •   Support all major operating system and processor architectures.
  •   Technologies : Java, AJAX, ehCache, Hibernate, Struts & Tiles, BIRT, Spring, Quartz, Velocity.
  •   Databases: IBM DB2, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Sybase.
  •   Application Servers: iBAS AS, Geronimo, Web logic, Tomcat.
  •   Development Tools: iBAS IDE, iBAS AS.

Developers Base

Excellence is not just a catchword; it is an ethics in 7i Systems Pvt. Ltd.. We try to make excellence a habit. Everyday at 7i Systems Pvt. Ltd. is a step towards realizing the goal of customer satisfaction, as we deeply value customer satisfaction as the very essence and bedrock of any business enterprise.

We believe in the six facets of institutional logic
  •   A common purpose
  •   A long-term focus
  •   Emotional engagement
  •   Partnering with the public
  •   Innovation
  •   Self-­organization


Application Development Services
7i Systems is specialized in providing a wide range of IT development solutions. 7i Systems:
  •   Develops new applications and redevelops existing applications.
  •   Offers complete technical solutions to address new application development needs.
  •   After studying the technical and economical/business feasibility.
  •   Provides high quality and cost efficient solutions using benchmarked development practices with a global delivery module.
  •   Ensures usability, reusability, stability, consistency and quality.


Application Maintenance Services
7i Systems is specialized in providing total application maintenance services with a guaranteed flexible system that can grow along with your business. Maintenance requires lot of time. 7i Systems lessens your burden and helps you save quality time by taking care of your maintenance requirements. Maintenance is carried out by adopting a three phase model of maintenance for your old /existing application systems viz. corrective maintenance, adaptive maintenance and perfective maintenance.


Application Migration Services
7i Systems is an offshore application development company, specilaized in providing swift and smooth application migration solutions that can move your key applications to evolve with the latest platform and operating systems. 7i Systems is armed with unique and exclusive application migration tools to automate the migration process. This automated migration process presents you cost-effective and low risk alternatives to replace or redevelop your existing applications. 7i Systems have experts who incorporate newer technologies to your older applications and vice versa.
We, at 7i Systems, provide solutions like:


Client - Server Application Development
Client-server application development at 7i Systems allows a quick and ubiquitous access to desired services. 7i Systems empowers you with the competency to input, process, store and access reliable data anytime from anywhere in the world.

7i Systems Client-server application development offers you:

  •   Rich graphical user interface.
  •   Open source technologies.
  •   Quicker development.
  •   Instant response to user input.
  •   Accessibility.
  •   Security.
  •   Cross platform compatibility.


Distributed Application Development
7i Systems provides you distributed application development services that are capable of handling requests from multiple clients and are responsible for coordinating and synchronizing responses. 7i Systems helps you maintain your integrity by ensuring the usability, reusability, stability, consistency, and quality of your system.


Enterprise Application Integration
7i Systems enterprise application integration services can help you run your business flawlessly by integrating the fundamental and essential applications, which would facilitate real-time information sharing too. Our solution would significantly ease the business transaction among partners, suppliers, and buyers. 7i Systems has successfully developed macro-strategies that map integration efforts to the demands of the business.


Customized Software Development
We Enhance Your Value By Making Your Business Unique Globally Looking for competent custom software solutions? We create it for you. Rising competition in IT industry has given rise to desire of custom software development that requires an in depth proficiency of developers and flexible yet structured methodology to create high quality software development solutions with tactical differentiation and operational superiority.


We believe in increasing competitiveness in the global scenario by offering
  •   Experienced, skilled, highly qualified and technically proficient staff dedicated to your project.
  •   Full cycle software development process, right from product design and offshore software development to outsourcing application support, maintenance and enhancement.
  •   Cutting down and integration of multiple process initiatives.
  •   Unparalleled speed of execution.
  •   Reduction of development costs.
  •   Compression of development time.


We use both model-based as well as non-model-based approaches through different frameworks.
Some of the salient and key features of our custom software development approach are:
  •   Well-planned requirements specification process.
  •   Structured methodologies and frameworks.
  •   Highly distinguished quality process.
  •   Process-oriented development methodology.
  •   Propriety tools to augment development process.


Our Software development Process enables you to
  •   Boost ROI.
  •   Improve customer satisfaction.
  •   Augment predictability.
  •   Zero down risks of project failures.
  •   Software development is carried out with a range of development methods, like Rapid Application development.